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If the windows in your home are in need of an overhaul, you can have them expertly replaced by the trusted team at R.L. Roofing. We are pleased to provide your home with amazing finishes for brighter windows that increase the light in your home as well as increasing your home’s value. Simply by replacing outdated, dull windows, you can increase your chances of selling your home.


Not selling? You should still be able to enjoy windows that are clear. With R.L. Roofing, you are always in very good hands. We are a locally-owned and family-operated business that is ready to ensure your satisfaction and provide the highest levels of quality service. With us, you can be assured of getting great rates, great results, and outstanding service every time.

Replace bad windows and lower energy costs

Eye-catching styles

  • Window trim replacement

  • Replacement windows

  • Full frame replacement

  • Storm windows

  • Double hung and casement windows

  • New screens

  • New construction and replacement windows

  • Decorative bay, bow, and arched windows

  • Porches, patios, and deck enclosures


New windows are energy efficient, contain low-e or argon gas and are energy star certified

Reduce Your Energy Costs

More about energy efficient windows

  • When your windows function as they should, they let in enough light and air. However, there can also be energy leaks releasing heat or cold air from your home.

  • When you are ready to replace your windows, select the most energy-efficient windows within your budget. As time progresses, they will pay for themselves.

Windows bring warmth, ventilation and light, and they also directly impact the energy efficiency within your home. Installing energy-efficient windows can have a direct impact on your energy bills. For lower budgets, replacing the existing windows can be of great benefit.


Selecting New Energy-Efficient Windows

In the event that your windows are inefficient and old, the ideal solution is to completely replace them with energy-efficient windows. They will lower your cooling and heating costs while paying for themselves over time. Make sure that they are properly installed to keep the efficiency at a maximum. Purchasing new windows requires the right design, selection and installation. The windows you choose should be a match for your home’s design, room layout, or remodeling project.


The energy efficiency of your existing windows can be enhanced by adding in storm windows, weatherstripping, or caulking. You can also use window treatments and window coverings to help. If you have a new construction or you are performing major remodeling, take advantage of this chance to incorporate your window selection and design as a main part of your entire whole house design. This is the best approach for building an energy efficient home.


Our Installations Include:


Awning - These types of hinged windows open outward and have less air leakage than sliding windows since the sash is closed when it is pushed up against the frame.


Casement - These windows are hinged along the sides and also have less air leakage.


Fixed - These windows are completely airtight because they don’t open.


Single and Double Hung - Sashes that slide vertically and have a higher leakage due to less secure closing.



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