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There are many reasons to choose a metal roof including its affordability and durability. Our metal roofing systems are so strong that they won't ever crack, warp or otherwise degrade. Our comprehensive metal roof installation and services will guarantee that you have a strong secure roofing system that will withstand any weather condition it is exposed to. At R.L. Roofing, we specialize in metal roofing repair and replacement for commercial and residential properties in NWI and SW Michigan.

Durable and affordable Metal Roofing

The advantages of a metal roofing system include:

Solar radiant heat – keeping your cooling costs low

Energy efficient and earth-friendly

Beautiful variety of colors

Fully recyclable material

Long-lasting and affordable

Aluminum shingles, steel roofs available

Ideal for homes, garages, barns and more

Duro-Last roofing systems provided

With a brand-new metal roofing system, this may very well be the last roof you will ever need. A metal roofing and shingle roofing contractor will install your new roof according to the highest industry standards. Our results and costs are unmatched in the area and you can select a variety of different colors for your metal roof needs. Metal roofing is a long-lasting and affordable option that will allow you to keep the same roof for many years; in addition, the solar radiant heat from metal roofing will keep your energy costs low.

The last roof you will ever need

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